What visitors to the Peak District’s toxic Blue Lagoon can expect to see from now on

Visitors to the Peak District’s infamous poisonous Blue Lagoon can expect to be greeted by additional patrols as authorities work to protect the site and keep people away.

Emergency services and other agencies today promised residents that they will continue to monitor the site closely, offering support to residents suffering at the hands of tourists who flock to the dangerous waters.

The new measures follow a meeting on the Peak District Toxic Blue Lagoon Police in Harpur Hill.

While the weather is expected to be cooler this weekend, they are set to welcome mass visitors again.

In recent weeks, visitors have flocked to the site – a former industrial quarry on private land – to swim in the water and spend time outdoors. Read more about it here.

Despite repeated warnings, the pH of the water makes it equivalent to a “bleach bath”.

The crystal blue water has been tinted black to make it less attractive, and new hazard signs have also been put in place.

Reckless and unsafe parking, litter left behind and other anti-social behavior by a number of visitors have caused problems for residents, High Peak City Council, police and fire departments say they work together to solve.

Executive Councilor for Environment and Community Safety Jean Todd said: “We and our partners continue to monitor the situation at Harpur Hill to support the residents who are suffering the consequences of the irresponsible behavior of these people who come to the quarry. and show no respect for local communities.

The so-called Blue Lagoon near Buxton has been described by authorities as “possibly the UK’s most dangerous water”.

“The change in weather will hopefully deter people from coming this weekend – and even if they don’t, the trash and mess left behind by previous visitors should hopefully deter them from coming. stay and make the problem worse.

“Our message remains the same – and we can’t stress it enough – this former industrial quarry is certainly not a ‘tourist attraction’ and people should stay away for their own safety.”

Police over the weekend imposed nearly 50 fines for parking infractions and seized two vehicles that were parked dangerously.

Safest Neighborhood Sergeant Adam Harrison said: “Over the weekend a major partnership operation took place which resulted in dozens of fines for drivers illegally parking their cars. In two cases, the parking was so dangerous that the cars had to be seized.

“We continue to work with our partner organizations to help resolve the situation and deter people from going into the quarry by explaining the very real dangers it poses. The situation will remain under close surveillance and officers will continue to work in the area to ensure a visible presence over the next few days.

“I would like to thank the residents for their continued support to my agents and partner agencies over the past few weeks. “

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Since the weekend, firefighters have witnessed two separate grass fires at the quarry.

Group director Paul Hawker of the Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service said: real risk of drowning from cold water.

“We continue to work with our partners to deter visitors, maintaining a visible presence at the career where possible, and we will continue to explore other ways to deter visitors to a site that is anything but the idyllic tourist attraction that it has been described. like – it now looks like a landfill with nasty garbage being thrown away.

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“I would like to remind people that cold water causes shock in your body, you gasp, your muscles contract and you are disoriented – even the strongest swimmers can quickly struggle.

“Our message is pretty straightforward, stay away – the quarry is private land and you are breaching and the water is dangerous and you will be at high risk of drowning if you go swimming in it.”

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