Man caught swimming in ‘toxic’ blue lagoon dyed black by Derbyshire Police

A man was caught swimming in a ‘lagoon’ which is actually a toxic waste dump despite police filling it with black dye to deter people.

The man, who has not been named, allegedly abused nearby firefighters before deciding to bathe in the water – which is full of toxic chemicals from a quarry.

The site, in Buxton, is also believed to be full of animal carcasses, excrement and even a rusty car floating just below the surface.

The man raises his arms as he swims in Derbyshire’s ‘blue lagoon’, which is believed to have old cars, animal carcasses and even faeces below the surface

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service tweeted last night: ‘Despite a friendly chat from one of our prevention teams, this person has still decided a swim in toxic black water is in order.

“What was out of order was the abuse our officer, who could be called in to save his life if he got into trouble, suffered trying to warn him of the danger. “

It’s full of harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation, thrush and disease, as the water apparently has the same PH value as bleach.

Police put black dye in the 'blue lagoon' at Harpur Hill, Buxton, to deter gatherings

Police put black dye in the ‘blue lagoon’ at Harpur Hill, Buxton, to deter gatherings

The site has attracted hundreds of people in recent months, who see it as a picnic site rather than a toxic lake.

To deter visitors, Derbyshire Police poured black dye into the lake in March, which was then topped up by firefighters this week.

In the same Derbyshire Fire And Rescue tweets threat, a photo shows rubbish dumped next to the shoreline of the old quarry.

Residents of Harpur Hill, a village below the quarry, also complained on Bank Holiday Monday of abusive language, piles of rubbish and people urinating in the gardens.

This has prompted drastic action to stop people visiting the High Peak Borough Council, working alongside Derbyshire Fire and Rescue decided to dye it jet black at 5am on Friday.

The water is full of harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritations, thrush and illnesses, as the water apparently has the same pH as bleach.

The water is full of harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritations, thrush and illnesses, as the water apparently has the same pH as bleach.

Group leader Paul Hawker of Derbyshire Fire And Rescue said yesterday: ‘By swimming or even playing in or near water you are putting your life at risk.

“Open water, like Hoffman Quarry at Harpur Hill, stays cold no matter what the temperature.

“This means your body can quickly experience a shock of cold water, which makes your heart beat faster, you start to gasp and you can quickly become confused and disoriented, which means the risk of drowning increases dramatically, even for children. strongest swimmers.

“In addition to cold water, Hoffman Quarry water has a similar PH value to bleach with many additional hidden dangers underwater that can also prevent someone from getting stuck. and get out.

“The Quarry is not a place to swim and it is certainly not a tourist attraction that anyone should visit. Our message is pretty clear, stay away and stay safe.

The lagoon waters are often dyed black by police to deter swimmers from entering the waters, according to the Derbyshire Times.

It was last dyed black by police at the end of March in direct response to people disobeying coronavirus lockdown rules.

It sparked a backlash as the force was accused of abusing emergency powers during the pandemic.

Former Supreme Court Justice Lord Sumption has slammed Derbyshire Police for ‘shaming our policing traditions’ with ‘frankly shameful’ efforts to try to shame people in the countryside.

He said: ‘I have to say the behavior of Derbyshire Police in trying to shame people into using their indisputable right to travel for exercise in the country and destroying beauty spots in the hills for people not to want to go there is frankly shameful.’

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