Environmental enthusiasts clean up Blue Lagoon Beach

The Blue Lagoon is a major tourist attraction in Durban, offering various recreational and leisure activities. However, the lagoon has become heavily polluted due to large amounts of trash and waste moving downstream into the lagoon from the Umgeni River.

Significant pollution has degraded the lagoon, which has a detrimental impact on its aesthetic value, posing a threat to tourism and recreational activities.

MMore importantly, the pollution has a negative effect on the biodiversity and natural ecosystems of the lagoon and the mouth of the Umgeni River.

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With this in mind, WILDOCEANS, in partnership with the Jonsson Foundation, with product support from Jonsson Workwear, recently organized a public cleanup of the Blue Lagoon beach.

“Given the potentially harmful effects of pollution and the importance of conservation, waste disposal and cleanup activities help improve the overall health and aesthetics of the Blue Lagoon area. The Benefits of Cleanup from the beach are obvious as they will contribute to the general improvement of the water quality at the mouth of the river and support local recreational activities It is vital to preserve this ecologically viable area important for biodiversity and tourism from Durban,” said the WILDOCEANS team.

There was a great turnout from the public, who saw a total of 124 bags of rubbish collected, weighing a total of 388 kg.

The Jonsson team also distributed T-shirts, caps and gloves to all volunteers. “A big thank you to Thembazi Ngqwala, Acting Senior Beach Supervisor of EThekwini Municipality, for collecting litter from the beach and providing more bin bags. Let’s continue to do good for our ocean and our environment,” the team added.

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