Volkswagen takes over the Blue Lagoon GLI for the 2021 show car

Among water-cooled Volkswagen aficionados, the 2004 Mark 5 Jetta GLI in a color called Blue Lagoon has become a unicorn. With that in mind, for 2021 Volkswagen has launched a Jetta GLI concept car that picks up on its sought-after predecessor.


Volkswagen limited the GTI 1337, a special edition manufactured two years before the Blue Lagoon GLI, to just 1,500 units. However, the GLI, a sedan with a body kit, BBS wheels and Recaro seats, just like the 1337, was not designated as a special edition and therefore no records exist as to the number of products. made in this exact configuration and paint. Color. Either way, “The Jetta GLI has been an enthusiast’s favorite throughout its 37-year history,” said Sean Maynard, Volkswagen enthusiast and motorsport marketing specialist. “Paying homage to the Mk4 with this concept build celebrates the passion that lies in these vehicles.”


Under the supervision of former Volkswagen Product Launch Manager Andres Valbuena, a 2021 Jetta GLI Autobahn with a manual transmission has been modified in the spirit of the 2004 model. Using the fuel door of a 2004 GLI to match the color lagoon blue, he and his team were able to create a shade that Orafol, the vinyl wrap maker, calls midnight blue metallic. Wrapping the entire car, including door pillars and other parts, even with the doors, hood or trunk open, it has the appearance of a car that has been painted.


Air Design, the Oceanside, Calif., Based studio for Mexican company Air Design SA de CV, a body kit maker, installed the exterior side skirts and the rear trunk spoiler, before Fifteen52 fitted the front lower spoiler. 20-inch BBS CH-R wheels, with Continental ExtremeContact Sport 235/35 ZR20 tires, were fitted by AlphaParts, and H&R Springs’ coilover suspension kit was used to give the GLI a more aggressive stance than it did. ‘she. had before.


The only interior modifications were the Recaro Ergomed ES leather front seats and a golf ball shaped shift knob from Black Forest Industries. From start to finish, it took the Valbuena team a little over a month to complete the build.

The first of the so-called 2021 Volkswagen Enthusiasts Fleet, can be seen at auto shows and events across the country, the list of which has not been provided.

[Images: Volkswagen]

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