The body of a drowned man found at the Blue Lagoon

A MAN, believed to be in his 20s, drowned while swimming near the mouth of the uMgeni river on Saturday morning.

The man was swept away by strong currents in the Blue Lagoon area and his body was eventually found after a search by #CleanBlueLagoon participants and rescue personnel.

Denise Mc Creadie, one of the clean-up organizers, said the man jumped into the water near the Blue Lagoon when he got into trouble.

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“Students from Our Lady of Fatima School who were helping with the cleanup on the Beachwood Mangroves side noticed the struggling man and immediately called for help. I instinctively ran and jumped into the water looking for it, a cyclist on the Blue Lagoon side also jumped looking for it but the water was too cloudy to see anything.

“I was surprised by the strength of the current and we predicted it had been swept away. We then contacted Metro Police Search and Rescue, SAPS Search and Rescue and eThekwini Lifeguards. They arrived within minutes and the search continued. Eventually the current started to return and another cleanup participant, Wentzel Van Heerden, spotted the body and in no time, he pulled the swimmer out of the ocean. Unfortunately, he had been below for more than 20 minutes and he had already passed, ”she explained.

Mc Creadie praised the efforts of all involved for their efforts to save the man’s life.

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