The Cycle: Frontier Nutrition Bar Location

The Nutrition Bar in The Cycle Frontier is a hard-to-find item that is useful for completing quests in the game. If you’re having trouble finding the Nutrition Bar, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This guide will cover where you can find the nutrition bar in The Cycle: Frontier as spawn rates.

The Cycle Frontier: Nutrition Bar Locations

The most common area to find Nutritional Bar is inside the communication tower. Head to the top floor where you’ll run into a locked door. You will need a server access key. Once you have the key, unlock the locked door and right in front of you will be yellow lockers containing the nutrition bar.

Chances are you’ll find them at the dig site as well. There is a bunker with yellow colored lockers at Excavation site. The bars will be inside these lockers.

You must have noticed a trend by now. Nutrition Bars only seem to spawn inside Civilian Coolers and Lockers. So wherever you find these two loot “containers”, be sure to seek them out.

Ice Boxes have a ~16% higher chance of providing you with Nutrition Bars compared to Civilian Lockers with a ~5% spawn rate.

We are pre-selecting certain locations with a high likelihood of Nutrition Bars spawning. Search all coolers and civilian lockers in these locations for a nutrition bar.

Bright Sands Nutrition Bar Locations

On the Bright Sands map, Waterfall Lab has the highest probability of spawning Nutrition Bars.

Besides the Waterfall Lab, nutrition bars can be found at Communications Tower, Dig Site, Lumber Camp, Lagoon, and Jungle Camp.

Crescent Falls Nutrition Bar Locations

Due to the design and size of the map, Crescent Falls appears to have a greater number of spawn locations than Bright Sands. nutritional farms has the highest probability that you will find nutrition bars.

Besides Nutrion Farm, nutrition bars can be found in many places Hay Fields, Pinnacle Labs, Starport Admin, Starport Warehouse and Greens Prospect.

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