Rosianne Cutajar proposes limiting visitors to the Blue Lagoon to avoid overcrowding

Labor MP Rosianne Cutajar has proposed limiting the number of people who can visit Blue Lagoon to protect against overcrowding and overtourism.

“Some major attractions around the world limit the number of visitors who can enter per day or per year…should we do the same for Blue Lagoon?” Cutajar said on Instagram, asking his followers what they thought.

The MP told Lovin Malta she agreed with the proposal, noting that the popular Italian site of Cinque Terre had introduced similar measures.

Some popular global tourist destinations – such as Maya Beach in Thailand and the Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon in Iceland – have gone further, closing themselves completely to visitors for extended periods.

There has long been talk of whether to impose some sort of capping system on the Blue Lagoon, one of Malta’s most popular tourist destinations. Comino’s Natura 2000 management plan warns that the large number of tourist visitors harms the natural value of the bay and states that “a decision must be made whether to establish a carrying capacity to limit the number of visitors “.

This morning, a small group of activists from the Moviment Graffitti descended on Blue Lagoon, removed deckchairs and umbrellas from the beach and placed their own towels instead.

As it stands, deckchair vendors cover every inch of the coastline with deckchairs and umbrellas from dawn, making it virtually impossible to enjoy the beach – one of Malta’s natural treasures – unless be prepared to pay €12.50 per person.

Although Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo has publicly spoken out against this takeover of Comino by private operators, there has not been much action.

Do you think there should be a cap for Blue Lagoon visitors?

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