Jason Micallef says heads must be rolling over lack of enforcement of Blue Lagoon umbrellas and loungers

People in the authorities should resign for their continued failure to prevent the Blue Lagoon from being taken over by sunbeds and umbrellas during the summer months, Valletta Cultural Agency President Jason Micallef.

“Authorities exist to regulate against abuses and illegalities on public lands,” Micallef stressed. “What is happening on Comino beach is a shameless abuse of the natural beauty of the island, which enjoys the highest level of environmental protection and is considered a Natura 2000 site.”

“It is also a flagrant abuse against the public who have a sacred right to swim and relax. [at the Blue Lagoon] in peace.”

“Like the majority of people, I am fed up with the lack of action taken by the authorities, their leaders and officials, against this longstanding abuse of Comino.”

“The action taken today by a small group of people against these abuses should put the authorities and their leaders to shame…you know who you are and you should be ashamed of yourselves.”

“You have failed the government that appointed you to do your job, and above all, you have greatly failed the people of Malta. Your inaction deserves resignations.

This morning, a small group of Moviment Graffitti activists descended on Blue Lagoon, removed deckchairs and umbrellas from the beach and placed their own towels in their place.

As it stands, deckchair vendors cover every inch of the coastline with deckchairs and umbrellas from dawn, making it virtually impossible to enjoy the beach – one of Malta’s natural treasures – unless be prepared to pay €12.50 per person.

Although Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo has publicly spoken out against this takeover of Comino by private operators, there has not been much action.

A photo by a Moviment Graffitti activist showing people enjoying the beauty of the Blue Lagoon without deckchairs or umbrellas generated nearly 3,000 responses on Facebook.

Cover photo: Left: Jason Micallef, Right: Blue Lagoon after this morning’s live action

Do you agree with the call for the resignation of Jason Micallef?

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