Huge boulders at Dunn’s Mountain Nature Preserve North Carolina

There’s a rock quarry-turned-nature preserve in North Carolina that’s surprisingly impressive. Consisting of 83 acres, Dunn’s Mountain Nature and History Preserve is a nature preserve as well as a historic site with huge rounded boulders that are plutonic in nature. The park itself features an old rock quarry and tons of granite outcrops that cover the surface of the mountain like icing on a cake.

Next time you’re looking for a fun way to explore the Tar Heel State, check out this nature preserve in North Carolina. Dunn’s Mountain Nature and History Preserve is open year-round – however, it is only open on designated weekends. Check the website for updated weekend dates and hours of operation.

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Address: 1740 Dunns Mountain Road, Salisbury, North Carolina 28146, USA

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