Team up to clean up the Blue Lagoon

Get your gloves and cleaning gear ready for the next #CBL (Clean Blue Lagoon) beach cleanup later this month. Organizer Denise McCreadie urged all of Durban to join in the cleanup scheduled for Saturday, October 30 at Beachwood Mangroves.

“We normally hold our #CBL beach cleanups on the third Saturday of every month, however, things haven’t gone as planned,” she said. McCreadie said the Durbanites are blessed with the Golden Mile, the warm ocean and nature.

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“However, the way humans destroy the planet, it looks like all of these nice places won’t last long. Humans need nature more than nature needs humans, so something needs to be done. people blame the government for the garbage in our city, but it’s actually a global problem and it will take us all to solve it. We need a workforce to pick up the garbage before it reaches I would also like to encourage the kids to come, because we think this will be one of those little geniuses who will see the problem and find the solution, ”said McCreadie.

The eco-warriors, who will attend the event, must wear their gloves, sunscreen, masks, water and disinfectants.

“Black bags will be provided and the entire Covid-19 protocol will be followed. No mask, no entry, ”said McCreadie.

She asked all volunteers to wear the correct shoes. “You will have to cross a section of the river, so please choose your shoes accordingly. You can also walk which is long but you will meet the beauty of nature which is worth experiencing, ”she said.

McCreadie said cleanup attendees are visiting the Facebook group, Clean Blue Lagoon, for updates.

“With the development of 2021, keep an eye on the group as Covid, lockdowns, weather conditions and chemical spills are known to change things at the last minute,” she said. For those who cannot attend, but still want to be an eco-warrior and save the ocean, there is an option to arrange for an unemployed person to attend on your behalf.

“All you have to do is send us some salary money using the Zappa app, and we’ll set it up for you. We have a team of unemployed people that we hire for the morning to come and clean up, and drop off the bags at a central point so that they can be taken to the river to be picked up by the municipality.

For more details on this, there is a discussion post on the Facebook group where you will find information, ”she said.

Companies that donate money and are looking for a team building and visibility exercise are invited to involve their teams in this initiative.

“It’s always a good team building exercise and companies get great social media content showing their brand in return. They donate their time or their money and it’s a win-win situation all around.

“I urge you to spread the word about #CBL as much as possible so that we can rally as many people as possible. Bring your family and friends and let’s clean up Blue Lagoon, ”said McCreadie.

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