Tourism Minister speaks out on the future of Umbrella and Deckchair Bay

The Maltese Minister of Tourism said Comino was much more than the hugely popular Blue Lagoon as questions arose over public access to the bay.

Comino, the picturesque island between Malta and Gozo, recently saw its stunning Blue Lagoon fill up with sunbeds and umbrellas for hire, causing uproar both locally and abroad.

As the public wonders if the Blue Lagoon he has known and loved his entire life has all but disappeared under a layer of plastic and metal deckchairs, Clayton Bartolo said his team is working on a “sustainable” plan for it. future of the island.

“We are working so that Comino is not seen only as the Blue Lagoon, but treated as a whole, so we have a plan that makes sense and is sustainable for the whole island,” Bartolo said in comments to The Times. of Malta.

“It is an island that can continue to attract tourists,” he continued. “But I keep insisting: Comino is not just Blue Lagoon, there are other parts of Comino that need to be worked on.”

When asked what people who wanted to go to Blue Lagoon should do, Bartolo said his plan was to see Comino “in its entirety” ready for visitors by next summer.

There had been a public outcry in recent weeks as more and more people complained of being disappointed with their visit to the Blue Lagoon. Visitors found they were forced to stay on the rocks nearby, as deckchair operators took up most, if not all, of the viable public space.

Responding to questions from reporters as to whether the deckchair operators were allowed to be there, Bartolo simply said: “my thoughts are on the future”.

Photos: Times of Malta

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