Raptor Run announced for Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

A 5km run through beautiful Boyd Hill, called the “Raptor Run”, is scheduled for December 11th. Anytime Fitness Downtown St Pete is thrilled to announce the sixth year of its Boyd Hill Nature Preserve Trail 5k. This year’s event is their first official “Raptor Run”.

Boyd Hill Nature Reserve originally started as a zoo and botanical garden for the city of St. Petersburg. It has since evolved over the decades into a mosaic of natural habitats and wild tropical landscapes along the shores of Lake Maggiore.

Raptor Run gives you the ultimate Boyd Hill experience

From the 5 km marked main trail there are five side trails (mostly loops) with specific habitats: Swamp Woodlands Trail, Willow Marsh Trail, Lake Maggiore Trail, Scrub Island Trail, and Pine Flatwoods Trail . Enjoy immersion in each habitat on the side trails and fun giant armadillos along Wax Myrtle Pond.

The beautiful, marked running course is ready for you to walk, run or even crawl at your own pace.

Tickets are limited to 200 participants, as usual, out of respect for the trails and wildlife. These tickets should sell out quickly, so get yours ASAP.

This non-profit run will directly benefit Boyd Hill Nature Preserve and the Friends of Boyd’s Raptor Fest, who fund their essential birds of prey program.

Speaking of Raptor Fest, the annual event is scheduled for February 5, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Raptor Fest returns in 2022

This Raptor Fest will focus on scavengers. Raptor Fest allows Friends of Boyd Hill to continue supporting the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve Birds of Prey program. This important program not only provides a permanent home for native non-releasable birds of prey; it educates thousands of residents and visitors every year about the need to protect these incredible animals that are so important to our ecosystem. Your donations and sponsorships go directly to the care and feeding of birds, and the resources to provide outreach and education programs with them.

Earlier in 2021, the Department of Parks and Recreation of the City of St. Petersburg completed new improvement projects in Boyd Hill Nature Reserve, including the opening of the new Terry Tomalin Campground, a campground primitive audience of 12 sites.

These projects in the city’s 245-acre nature reserve and recreation and education center will help serve the city’s vision of educating and inspiring youth and adults to become conservationists, sustainable practices and conservation.

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