Police urge ‘do not swim’ in Stourport Blue Lagoon after drowning Birmingham teenager

Police have issued a new warning about the dangers of swimming at a beauty spot in Worcestershire’s ‘blue lagoon’, where a Birmingham teenager drowned.

Haider Ali, 17, of Bordesley Green, drowned in the disused quarry near Stourport-on-Severn last summer.

He was the second teenager to die swimming in the Shavers End Quarry quarry, known as the Blue Lagoon.

With summer and hot days approaching, police have issued a new warning about the dangers of swimming.

Haider Ali from Bordesley Green

Haider Ali died swimming with friends in the old limestone quarry during a heat wave last August. In the summer of 2019, another 19-year-old teenager also drowned in the waters.

Last summer, police discovered that 40 people – including families with two babies – had entered the quarry and were cooling off there during a heat wave.

The quarry has barbed wire around the site and a heavily fenced entrance to keep people out.

Now West Mercia Police have issued another warning – claiming the Blue Lagoon “is not an exotic Caribbean retreat”.

Stourport Police Neighborhood Officers tweeted a photo of the gorgeous, inviting-looking beauty site and said members of the public should stay away.

They posted: “The ‘blue lagoon’ near Stourport.

“Not so much an exotic Caribbean retreat, but more of a cold, trash-filled quarry with two cars in the back and 200-foot-deep lime-filled caustic pools for good measure.

“Needless to say, swimming here is dangerous and completely unpredictable.”

The tweet follows a warning from West Mercia police last year, after all 40 people were found there.

Back then they said, “Shavers End Quarry – rough, dirty and dangerous terrain.

“Apparently it is not clear that people are not allowed in … I would have thought that a heavily fenced entrance with barbed wire wrapped around the barrier would be obvious.”

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