Taly’s Journey: West Lagoon Resort Netanya – Winter and Summer by the Sea

The West Lagoon Resort is located on the southern part of the beautiful coast of Netanya facing the Mediterranean Sea. The contemporary hotel has a superb seasonal swimming pool, full spa and gym, and easy access to the beach, promenade and sports facilities, as well as all the services a hotel can offer in terms of dining, entertainment and leisure activities.There is a legend about a 7th century Phoenician ship heading to Carthage carrying hundreds of crimson and azure seashells that hit a bench and were split in two and drowned near the coast of Netanya where the West Lagoon hotel is now located. Exposing the seashells to the sun created a luminous ray of blue light. Whoever looked at it described it as a divine sign and was inundated with a sense of tranquility for several days.

This is what the West Lagoon Resort tries to recreate. Its architecture is characterized by high ceilings and large bay windows, letting the blue of the sea penetrate inside. West Lagoon is a sea view hotel; the view of the coastline, beach and sea is visible everywhere in the hotel – from the lobby, dining room, spa and even the bedrooms. The decoration and furnishings reflect the sea motif with shades of blue and pure white that radiate tranquility and calm. Artifacts linked to the sea complete the atmosphere: waves, anchors, sailboats, shells, etc.Rooms The hotel has 273 rooms and suites, all with sea views. We stayed in a Club Premium room on the 11th floor. Our room was spacious and furnished with two beige armchairs with colorful pillows on a turquoise carpet. The large balcony with a wooden deck immediately caught our attention; the view was breathtaking. The bedroom had refreshing decor and colors, the bathroom had a white marble design, with a full tub, large rainfall showerhead, and an oval porcelain sink. The room is modern and equipped with an espresso machine, mini bar, safe, flat screen TV and plenty of USB charging ports.Pool and Spa During the summer, hotel guests enjoy the infinity pool located on the hotel’s third floor terrace, and it’s fabulous As I was standing by the pool my breath was taken away – it was so beautiful there.However, as it is the coldest time of the year now, instead of swimming I had to settle for other joys, like the beautiful beach and the promenade , great in any weather. I also took advantage of the hotel’s remarkable spa. The West Lagoon spa is also located on the fifth floor and also extends over the fourth. Like the hotel, the spa is sea-themed: boats, seashells, fish and other sea creatures, etc. The top floor of the spa is where most of the spa facilities are located – the gym, dry saunas, Turkish bath (hamam), and showers. The floor is divided into three areas: showers for women and dry sauna, showers for men and dry sauna; each with a private entrance to the common hammam and the gym. The gym is small but very well equipped with the latest sports equipment and has a nice sea view. My partner enjoyed his workout very much, commenting that running on the treadmill in front of the sea view improves the pleasure. The spa offers all the standard treatments but also a very unique treatment called lava shell massage, a spa specialty, which I tried. The lava shell massage uses tiger clams harvested in the Philippines. A hole is made in the back of the shell and a mineral activator is inserted into it, which heats it. The shell is smooth and glides over the body and has sharp edges which can be used to put pressure on the muscles, which together can warm and relax the muscles. At the time of my treatment, I was offered a selection of aromas – there are four unique fragrance oils to choose from: vanilla patchouli, passion fruit, ocean and almonds. I picked the passion fruit which was new to me and it turned out to be a great choice. I was invited downstairs, where the treatment rooms and the rest area are. The spa rooms are also upscale – the beds are heated, the candles are lit, and all the amenities I could think of expected for ultimate comfort. The seashell massage was soothing and relaxing – one of the best spa treatments I have ever had. My massage therapist was exceptional; she used a combination of techniques to relax stiff muscles, reaching every muscle, including hard-to-reach ones like behind the shoulder. I rested every moment and felt so relaxed after the treatment. After the treatment, I rested in the spa salon facing the beach, having herbal tea and dried fruits. It doesn’t get any better than that, I thought. The spa offers a variety of treatments for hotel guests, but there are also spa and dining packages for walk-in guests. If you choose to come to the spa here (which I highly recommend) don’t settle for the regular massage. Try the lava shell massage, you won’t regret it.To eat Meals are served in the hotel’s dining room, facing the beach. Breakfast was a sumptuous Israeli buffet meal. I found the variety and quality of the breads and pastries to be exceptional; they were particularly tasty and excellent. Nothing compares to having a nice croissant and a cappuccino while looking out to sea in the morning. In the evening we had a light dairy meal in the lobby restaurant. We had a delicious salad, pasta and a good apple pie. They also have a selection of fine Israeli wines. During the summer season, a number of restaurants are open for hotel guests.Facilities Guests of the West Lagoon Resort can enjoy seasonal activities such as fishing, sand castle building, surfing, snorkelling, and more. The hotel also has a ballroom and conference rooms. With the emergence of hotels like the West Lagoon Resort on the Mediterranean coast, you have to think twice before driving half a day to Eilat.The writer was a guest of the hotel
Information: West Lagoon Resort, www.tamareshotels.com, Tel. : * 5411

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