Will this new lagoon in Iceland soon overtake the Blue Lagoon?

Iceland’s newest lagoon might match its famous Blue Lagoon in popularity, amenities and even scenery – here’s how.

Iceland is undoubtedly a place of unique mountainous landscapes and beautiful seaside towns, but one of its most notable offerings are the many geothermal pools scattered across the island. The Blue Lagoon – one of the most popular pools on the volcanic island offers guests a unique experience with its blue waters which are said to contain healing properties. But besides the Blue Lagoon, new pools are being discovered or created all the time in Iceland and it’s safe to say that it’s only a matter of time before the Blue Lagoon is outclassed by one of these new geothermal attractions. .

Forest Lagoon – the latest geothermal pool due to open in North Iceland features a completely different atmosphere for hot spring baths. With the lagoon nestled deep in nature, offering panoramic views of trees and calming waters, who knows how long (or how long) it will take to edge out the Blue Lagoon as the most visited in the country.

What you need to know about the forest lagoon

The Forest Lagoon is a new geothermal lagoon in Iceland located just minutes from the town of Akureyri. The location of the lagoon in a secluded and strategic place surrounded by trees is its most unique quality.

Here, guests will have views of the surrounding trees and nearby snow-capped mountains while enjoying a refreshing dip in the lagoon pools.

How the lagoon was born

Many amazing things don’t just pop up out of nowhere, they are created and that’s the case with the beautiful forest lagoon that came into existence through luck and the expertise of an architectural firm.

A lucky accident

Sometimes accidents lead to amazing things that heal and make a lot of people happy. In Iceland, some of the most popular attractions came into existence as a result of accidents. The Blue Lagoon, for example, now attracts millions of visitors from around the world, was created following an environmental accident in the 70s where wastewater from a geothermal power plant in Svartsengi was dumped into the lava field.

The Forest Lagoon, which is the newest geothermal swimming pool in the country, is now linked to this same phrase that characterizes the blue lagoon – a useful and happy accident. The creation of the pool began following the unlikely discovery of a geothermal hot spring during the digging of the Vaðlaheiðargöng tunnel.

The water was then channeled to be put to good use, which eventually led to the construction of the Forest Lagoon pools by Basalt Architects – the organization behind the construction of the Blue Lagoon and other amazing hot springs in Iceland.

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Equipment And Opening Dates Of The Forest Lagoon

Unlike the Blue Lagoon where the first inhabitants had to bathe in the healing waters without any facilities nearby, the Forest Lagoon has been built and luxuriously equipped for guests to have a wonderful time. The lagoon consists of a larger pool of 5,700 square feet, a smaller pool with warmer water and a cold pool. It also has a sauna, an on-site restaurant and a relaxation room. Like many hot springs in Iceland, the Forest Lagoon will require guests to change into their clothes before entering the pool. For this purpose, the Forest Lagoon presents a cloakroom and changing rooms that can accommodate hundreds of guests.

To keep it simple and in harmony with the surrounding nature, the relaxation room, the restaurant and many other parts of the building are equipped with wooden furniture and fittings. The building itself is made of wood. There are plants in the interior parts of the buildings and many openings (doors and windows) which also present views of the surrounding vegetation and the beautiful sky.

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So, is the forest lagoon?

Although it is a man-made hot spring, the Forest Lagoon does not lack the qualities that make up a natural hot spring. Just like the Blue Lagoon and other pools that have geothermal water springs, the water in the Forest Lagoon is considered good for the body, mind, and soul. It also has healing properties known to cure conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, joint pain, and rheumatoid arthritis. These unique qualities in the waters will no doubt be most effective with the serenity of the secluded lagoon surrounding forests.

The forest lagoon expected to open in late February or early March 2022. Although lagoon access prices are not stable at this time, expect pricing to start from $45 (5,800 Icelandic kroner) for singles and $108 (13,900 Icelandic kroner) for two people with two drinks included.

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