BREAKING: Forever Wild expands Turkey Creek Nature Preserve to 170 acres

Beautiful Turkey Creek. (Bham now)

Good news, nature fans – the Forever Wild Land Trust has expanded Turkey Creek Nature Reserve by 170 acres. According to the State Land Division of the Alabama State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the Southern Environmental Center, the new addition was recently purchased. This increases the total area of ​​the reserve from 485 acres to 655. Read on to get the scoop.


The 170-acre park addition shares a 3,000-foot property line with the existing Turkey Creek Nature Preserve Forever Wild area.

This new addition is significant because it protects more land around the existing preserve, which is home to many federally protected species and has the potential to expand recreational opportunities in one of Forever Wild’s most visited areas. .

Where is the new addition?

The new addition is located west of the Turkey Creek area and west of Narrows Road.

While the borders have always extended on this side of the road, there has not been enough room to create opportunities for public access. Now, with the new addition available, it will be possible.

What the expansion means for Turkey Creek

Birmingham Alabama
Charles Yeager of Turkey Creek. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

Charles Yeager of Turkey Creek Nature Preserve told us about the positive impact the new addition will have. Here is some:

1. It will protect the wooded slopes above Turkey Creek.

Turkey Creek is home to a number of rare and endangered species, including:

  • 4 endangered fish species (another soon to be listed)
  • 2 endangered bats
  • 1 endangered turtle

By protecting the forested slopes above Turkey Creek, water quality and animals will also be protected.

2. It will present unique opportunities for forest management.

If possible, it is possible to plant and manage the new addition for montane longleaf pine. This is a rare habitat that is important to the state’s ecosystem.

3. The park will be able to expand its network of trails to meet the growing needs of its visitors.

“Prior to this addition, we had made the most of the territory’s 485 acres by adding over 5.5 miles of trail, including 3.2 miles of single-lane multi-use bike path. While these trails are well used and enjoyed, the most common request from hikers and cyclists is for more.

Charles Yeager, Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

Can’t wait to take advantage of the park’s new trail network?

Stream Turkey
Turkey stream. (Bham now)

Be patient, it will take time. Forever Wild will first need to develop a management plan.

“Before we can open this area to public access, we will work with State Lands to develop a management plan for the tract. We will have to assess parking, barriers and develop the trail network. It may take a few years to do this and get the necessary funding to implement it properly. »

Charles Yeager, Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

How you can help

Want Turkey Creek Nature Preserve to continue to thrive? While the addition of the park will help meet growing demands for access to public green spaces, this is only possible with continued local and national support.

Here’s how you can help:

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