Reminder of the rules for visitors to Scott’s Run Nature Reserve

MCLEAN, VA – With more and more people coming out to enjoy the parks in the spring and summer, the Fairfax County Park Authority is reminding visitors to help protect Scott’s Run Nature Preserve.

Scott’s Run Nature Reserve, located two entrances from Georgetown Pike in McLean, is one of the few nature reserves in the Fairfax County Park Authority system and is home to rare plant species.

As a nature reserve and park along the Potomac River, it has some rules for visitors. Specifically, visitors should stay on the trails, avoid swimming, park in designated areas, and leave alcohol at home.

In the past, the nature reserve was a place of celebration, especially around the waterfall. After receiving multiple calls one day in June 2019, Fairfax County Police charged six people with drunkenness in public and named nine for swimming in a no-swim area. One of them was cited for having an open can of alcohol.

The park authority plans to provide on-site security in 2021 to enforce the alcohol ban and promote visitor safety.

Due to dangerous currents, submerged rocks, and the quality of the water, swimming, wading, and boating are not permitted in Scott’s Run Nature Reserve. The park authority says conditions in this area of ​​the Potomac River can drag a person underwater and keep them underwater. Anyone who enters Scotts Run Creek or the Potomac River is subject to a fine, arrest or removal from the park, according to the park authority’s website.

Visitors are also asked to stay in designated parking areas. Parking is limited to 50 cars and is not allowed in adjacent neighborhoods or along the roadway leading to the park.

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