New Trail at Highland Glen Nature Preserve Offers Quiet Getaway

BOZEMAN – A New Trail in Highland Glen Nature Reserve, a Partnership between Bozeman Health, Gallatin Valley Land Trust, Gallatin Mental Health Center and Town of Bozeman are coming together to form a new half-mile trail named Wellness Trail.

The Highland Glen Trail is in addition to the 4.5 miles of existing trails in the nature reserve. The purpose of this trail is to provide a quiet escape from the city to the city.

Bozeman Health President and CEO John Hill said, “Being outdoors and being active on a trail system like this on this property really contributes to the emotional well-being of this community.”

This partnership between GVLT and the Town of Bozeman is in addition to the 90 miles of trails already interconnected in the Town of Bozeman.
“Having them close to town and to health facilities is essential,” says Chet Work, executive director of the Gallatin Valley Land Trust.

This new trail hopes to increase accessibility for those who work at Bozeman Health and the Mental Health Center or even those who live in affordable housing nearby.

“The community along Haggerty Lane and the mental health center clearly needs access to the trail system,” says Work.

Construction completed on this $ 50,000 project paid by donation. Partners say they are delighted that people are running, walking and cruising the trail.

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