Glasgow’s Blue Lagoon Queen street believed to have been delivered to US President Joe Biden

Staff at the popular Blue Lagoon fish and chip shop were shocked to be visited by customers they believe to be ambassadors to US President Joe Biden this afternoon.

A group of suit and booted ‘bodyguards’ drew a large crowd to the Queen Street store as they chatted with staff and ordered ‘on behalf of the President’.

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Blue Lagoon manager Gianluca Varese said: ‘They phoned the store first and asked if a member of staff would come to the car, which was a huge limo.

“While this was happening one of the guys who looked like a bodyguard came in to make sure everything was safe.

“Then he brought out a man who claimed to be an ambassador for Joe Biden and said they wanted to bring him some of our food, believe it or not.”

Making quite an entrance, the group claimed others had advised them to visit the store, despite needing help ordering the meal for one.

Gianluca said: “There were about four or five in total.

“They were all really nice, well dressed in suits and had American accents.

“They looked like the FBI.

“They asked what we would recommend, so I told them fish and chips was our most popular and traditional option.

“I think they must have tried to find some local cuisine for the president to try.”

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Assuming the chippy made it to Biden, 78, here’s the exact breakdown of what he ate that afternoon.

Gianluca said: “It was just a portion of fish and chips with salt and vinegar, it was kind of unbelievable at the time.

“Then he tried to offer them a fried mars bar because that’s what celebrities usually want to try, but he said Biden couldn’t eat stuff like that because of his stomach.

“That’s when we started to really believe it was genuine.

“You wouldn’t do all this for a fish dinner.

“We gave them a few bottles of Irn Bru to take away because we said he was in Scotland, he had to try it.”

While the group has remained tight-lipped on any additional details about the president’s visit to COP26, Gianluca and his team remain convinced that they in fact served a member of Biden’s team.

Gianluca said: “The staff were really excited and everyone was so happy.

“There were too many signs at once for it not to be the real thing, the number of cars with flags, the small order and the way they were in the store.

“It was a big buzz.”

A Twitter user spotted the vehicle decorated with American flags outside the restaurant and what appeared to be a bodyguard at the gate.

It wouldn’t be the first time the Blue Lagoon has had a celebrity guest.

In 2016, Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber stunned staff at their Glasgow Central location when he personally called to order a selection of haggis, fish and sausage dinners with a side of Irn Bru.

What are you saying, Glasgow, do we really believe the President indulged in a fried feast this afternoon?

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