Migratory bird banding specialists at Mentor Lagoons Nature Reserve

Mentor Natural Resources specialists are undertaking a new project to help study migrating birds that make their way through Mentor Lagoons Nature Reserve.

Specialists will capture and band the birds in an effort to better understand migration patterns, population changes and habitat use preferences, according to a city news release. Each bird will be securely fitted by trained biologists with an aluminum band bearing a unique nine-digit code that is entered into a national database.

The banded bird will then be measured and released safely. If the bird is captured again by other banding stations, the group can offer clues to its approximate age and whereabouts, the statement said.

The public will have several opportunities to see these birds up close at banding demonstrations throughout the year. The next event is scheduled for May 21.

Registration is required and officials expect it to fill up quickly.

Visitors to Mentor Lagoons Nature Preserve are asked to stay out of areas marked with “Scientific Research” signs, as these are not trails. Dog owners are reminded that dogs must be kept on a leash at all times while in the nature reserve, as it is important that loose dogs do not injure the birds, themselves or damage not the equipment, according to the release.

Learn more at www.mentornature.com.

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