WKD launches new flavors of Blue Lagoon and Tropical Sunrise cocktails for summer

British supermarekt chain Tesco and Morrisons are all set to launch new flavors of WKD Blue Lagoon and Tropical sunrise cocktails.

Cocktail fans won’t have to wait too long to get their hands on the new alcoholic beverage, as Tesco will launch the two new flavors in June, and they will both be available for purchase at Morrisons from July.

It’s no secret that we Brits need no excuse to get together and enjoy a few cocktails, so the launch of both flavors came just at the right time when the lockdown restrictions went on. relax and temperatures continue to rise.

WKD fans will soon be able to taste The Blue Lagoon, made with WKD Blue and mixed with citrus, berries and a blend of vodka flavors.

Cocktail lovers who love sweet and fruity flavors will love Tropical Sunrise, it’s made with WKD Orange & Passionfruit, Citrus, Strawberry and also mixed with vodka – making it the perfect alcoholic summer drink.

WKD fans responded to the Snack News & Reviews Facebook post, which has since received nearly 5,000 comments, with people sharing their views on the launch of the new flavors.

One fan tagged a friend saying, ‘Put it on your shopping list for July’ while another fan said, ‘Where were they when we were 16? “

A third fan went on to say, “22 degrees this Sunday girls, get this garden ready” while an excited fourth fan added, “Add tequila to the tropical sunrise, it’s like we’re back. in Tenerife. “

The nostalgic drink was first launched as an alcopop in 1996 with the famous WKD Blue in bars, clubs and supermarket shelves in the UK, and many will remember the brand’s famous slogan, ” Do you have a WKD side? “

WKD is not alone in launching brand new flavored alcoholic beverages. Pimm’s recently launched a new raspberry and gooseberry drink just in time for the bank holiday weekend.

The new Pimm’s Sundowner drink is served with lots of ice and prosecco.

Morrisons also recently launched the Aperol Cocktail Box which is perfect for the summer barbecue season, while budget chain Aldi has launched two new savory rum drinks with flavors of pineapple and raspberry mojito – that’s it. looks delicious.

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