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  • Romantic ambience No guest has been caught engaging in inappropriate intimate relationships at the Blue Lagoon in many years. Photo / Vilhelm Gunnarsson.

The Blue Lagoon, with its rugged surroundings, blue water and geothermal steam can be a romantic place. Early in the lagoon’s history, some visitors let the atmosphere take over, engaging in intimate relationships not befitting a public place.

According to the local newspaper Morgunblaðið rumors that people frequently engage in sex in the lagoon are just not true. Atli Sigurður Kristjánsson, project manager in the marketing department of the Blue Lagoon, tells the newspaper that there is a strict zero tolerance policy when it comes to intimate relationships between lagoon guests.

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Four guards keep watch over guests in the lagoon at all times, and anyone caught breaking the rule is immediately escorted. Atli tells Morgunblaðið that violations of this rule were more common in the lagoon’s early years, but are no longer a real problem. “This hasn’t happened for many years, but if it does, we’ll immediately escort people out of the lagoon.”

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