Pier will transform Blue Lagoon into a lido by the pool

The Superintendent of Cultural Heritage has shot down photomontages showing the visual impact of the proposed mooring facilities at Comino, warning that these will reduce the Blue Lagoon to a poolside lido.

The proposed works, which are being carried out by Transport Malta, were loosely approved in the last budget which refers to “infrastructure works in the Blue Lagoon area”.

After reviewing the photomontages presented by Transport Malta, the Superintendent insisted that the project remains unacceptable from a cultural heritage point of view.

The SCH also expressed “serious concern over the inevitable formalization of the area which will reduce this iconic location of scenic natural beauty to a lido by the pool”.

The Superintendency again stressed the importance of the location of the proposed development, which is known for its “unprecedented scenic and iconic beauty”.

Transport Malta’s 136m-long jetty at the Blue Lagoon was first proposed, and later abandoned, by the Gozo ministry two years ago, following objections from the SCH.

TM is now proposing the construction of the jetty, extending from the existing jetty and along the course of the foreshore, as well as the removal of the existing concrete walkways. The elongated wooden jetty will rest on piles embedded in the seabed.

TM said the pier would improve passenger safety by providing a flat surface to access ferries, in addition to removing concrete crossings and restoring the shoreline to its original state. “Large ferries are currently disembarking passengers along this part of the coast, and passengers then access the bay via said structures which constitute a danger to health and safety, in particular for people with reduced mobility. ”

But the pier is also expected to have negative environmental impacts. TM’s project development statement warns that the man-made structure along the otherwise natural coastline will be visible in views of the Blue Lagoon from the heights around the site.

And because the pier will make it easier to dock larger ferries, it poses the risk of having large vessels that will further disrupt the view of the Blue Lagoon Cove, in addition to the increased number of visitors disrupting protected habitats and species. or sensitive Natura 2000.

EIA AIS consultants have proposed plugging for boats of different sizes to ensure that the entrance is not oversaturated with mooring boats.

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