From Iceland – Magma collection near HS Orka and Blue Lagoon

Alice Poggio

About one and a half million cubic meters of magma accumulated a few kilometers below the surface near the Blue Lagoon. The ground has risen a few centimeters. Expert Kristín Jónsdóttir explains the matter in detail, reports RÚV.

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Kristín Jónsdóttir, nature monitoring group leader at the Icelandic Meteorological Office, says that although this collection of magma is a necessary first step for an eruption, it is not certain that it will end this way.

The magma collection is in a similar location to where it was two years ago, the difference being that it is now a bit deeper than it was then.

When asked how far the magma was from HS Orka and the Blue Lagoon, Kristín explained, “The source is actually in front of the southwest of the Blue Lagoon, west of Mount Þorbjörn. The middle is of course a little blurry, but probably a few miles away. Right now we just continue to monitor and, of course, we process that seismic data. We have measured around 400 earthquakes since midnight and activity only decreased after two earthquakes were measured there at 1am last night, one measuring 3.1 and the other 3, 2. in magnitude. »

Of course, the question everyone asks is: what is the probability that there will be an eruption? To this Kristín responds:

“It’s not possible to say for sure, but it can be said that this collection of magma is a necessary precursor to an eruption, but may not be sufficient. It just depends on how much gets in there and the conditions of the Earth’s crust.

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