Cornwall copies Iceland’s Blue Lagoon with new geothermal heated marine pool

FORGET Iceland – the UK’s first geothermal heated swimming pool has opened in Cornwall.

With temperatures around 35 ° C, the natural saltwater pool will be heated all year round, making it perfect when the temperature drops.


UK’s first geothermal pool inaugurated in CornwallCredit: Alamy

The long-awaited swimming pool has opened at the art deco Jubilee Pool lido in Penzance.

With the best views – the pool overlooks the sea with Mont Saint-Michel on the other side of the water – the pool is heated by geothermal energy.

The heating works by drawing hot water from a geothermal well, before transferring the heat to the pool and putting cooler water back into the ground.

This is similar to Iceland’s popular Blue Lagoon tourist attraction.

Jubilee Pool is the UK’s largest lido and can typically accommodate up to 50 people at a time, although social distancing guidelines mean only 15 people can visit at a time.

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The pool is heated by drawing hot water from the ground and replacing it.  with colder water


The pool is heated by drawing hot water from the ground and replacing it. with colder waterCredit: Getty Images – Getty
The natural saltwater pool stays around 35C


The natural saltwater pool stays around 35CCredit: Getty Images – Getty
The pool opened earlier this week and is open to adults and children


The pool opened earlier this week and is open to adults and childrenCredit: Alamy

Future offers could include package tours such as ‘geothermal and sparkling’ or ‘geothermal and dinner’, with spa treatments including facials and massages also being part of the plans.

Adult-only sessions take place daily from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., with some evenings after 5:30 p.m.

All ages are welcome during the afternoon. The adult ticket starts from £ 11.75 for an adult while children under four are free.

Ryan Law, Managing Director of Geothermal Engineering Limited, told local media: “The system we have drilled and installed is one of the lowest carbon forms of heating available and is part of the growing movement to use sources of heat. sustainable heating across the UK.

“I am delighted that the geothermal swimming pool at Jubilee Pool in Penzance is now open. It is the first geothermal heated lido in the UK and a flagship product in geothermal energy in general.

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Iceland has been removed from the UK’s quarantine list, however, if you want to try the Blue Lagoon for yourself, you can book flights now.

Note, however, that you will need to quarantine yourself upon arrival or pay for a Covid test.

What will the swimming pools look like when they reopen after the Covid lockdown?

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