Black Travel Vibes: Go Beyond the Blue Lagoon to Discover Iceland’s Hidden Gems

Photo credit: @heartofalyon

Game Of Thrones perhaps prophesied that “fire and ice” referred to the prince who was promised, but in Iceland everything revolves around volcanoes, glaciers and blue lagoons.

A few years ago, the Nordic country wasn’t at the top of most travelers’ lists, but recently travel to the destination has exploded with adventurers flocking to Iceland in droves. Most tend to visit for the chance to bathe in the famous Blue Lagoon, but the island-country borders have much more to explore.

Globetrotter Tonto Goldstein (@heartofalyon) recently visited Iceland to dig a little deeper and reveal what the country has to offer, and discovered a more authentic side that many visitors don’t often see.

Take a look at Tonto’s Icelandic adventure in our exclusive guide, and jot down some tips as you scroll that will help you travel past the Blue Lagoon on your last visit.

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