1.9 million square feet planned for the chain of Blue Lagoon towers

Written by John Charles Robbins on November 3, 2021


A large mixed-use residential project planned near Miami International Airport will include a series of 12-story buildings with shops on the first floor, pedestal-level parking and residential units above. The city’s Urban Development Review Board recommended approval.

Owner-developer PAJ Investment Group LLC plans to build downtown Miami at 735 NW 57th Ave. and 5627 NW Seventh St. Fill is to be installed on two submerged plots of land on the Blue Lagoon for the project.

The overall development will have an area of ​​1,908,500 square feet.

Downtown Miami will feature 1,333 residential units, 41,438 square feet of commercial and retail use and parking for up to 2,589 vehicles, as well as 108 bicycle racks.

The site is north of Northwest Seventh Street, just east of Northwest 57th Avenue and south of the airport.

In a letter of intent, lawyer Elinette Ruiz-Diaz de la Portilla wrote: “As detailed in the attached plans prepared by Kobi Karp Architects… the project will contain 1,333 multi-family apartments, 41,438 +/- SF d commercial space on the ground floor. , as well as off-street parking, located in several 12-story buildings, all located within the property.

“One of the key features of the project is 172,704 (square feet) of open space provided where only 39,204 (square feet) is required by Miami 21 allowing for expansive green spaces, more elegant buildings and view corridors. majestic with expansive views of Blue Lagoon; overall a better product for the neighborhood and the surrounding community, ”she wrote.

The applicant requests exemptions, in particular:

â–  A 10% reduction in the width of access aisles, offering 22 feet where 23 feet are required.

â–  Replace the commercial loading dock with residential docks; offering two residential berths where a commercial berth is required.

â–  A waiver of shared access. Parking will provide safe and convenient access to and from public thoroughfares which include thoroughfares and public facades.

â–  An exemption from access from a main facade. Propose that a private road be considered a main facade when a waiver of access from the main facade is required.

Lawyer Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, representing PAJ, told council that the two plots will be around 9 acres in size.

Mr. Diaz de la Portilla said: “One of the distinguishing features is the open space, almost four and a half times more than needed.”

Mr Karp presented some of the details, noting that people will be able to enter and pass through the site, with the creation of municipal squares and clear demarcation of public roads.

“It’s an opportunity to create a unique destination that opens up the waterfront… people can walk (by the water), kayak, have a positive experience, a pedestrian friendly experience,” said Mr. Karp.

“People will have engagement with the waterfront,” he said.

Mr Karp said the parking lot will be in the basement. With a height restriction, being so close to the airport, it is more cost effective to descend below the ground, he said.

Council member Robert Behar said: “I commend you for doing something that gives access to the waterway. The public access point is fantastic. I congratulate you and your client. I think the project is excellent.

Board member Fidel Perez said: “I feel the same. The project has a lot of good features.

Acting Chairman of the Board, Ignacio Permuy, said: “A job well done… you have done an exceptional job breaking up the mass, and the open space will encourage the pedestrian experience. “

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