Blue Lagoon: the Belmont bridge restored but the “filling” problems remain

A GATEWAY to the Blue Lagoon has been restored, allowing visitors to cross the popular beauty spot again.

The restoration was undertaken with the Belmont Bridge having fallen into disrepair in recent years, becoming unusable and unsafe.

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council now says he hopes the restoration will make the lagoon more accessible, but among residents concerns persist about plans that were unveiled last week that could see the reservoir fill up ahead of a potential redevelopment .

Deputy Head of Council Phil Riley said: “It’s fantastic to see this walkway restored so residents and visitors can enjoy a walk through Ward Reservoir.

“Thank you to our environmental team for their determination, who worked hard to find long-term solutions to the complex issues of land ownership and maintenance that led to the disaffection of this bridge.

“Thanks to our project partners Belmont Village Residents Association, United Utilities and the Peak and Northern Footpath Society, we can now enjoy the Blue Lagoon for years to come.”

The Blue Lagoon, officially known as Ward’s Reservoir, has been a popular destination for locals and visitors since the early 19th century,

However, in recent decades, the Belmont Bridge has fallen into disrepair, becoming unsafe and unusable.

Since those who walked in the area could not cross using the bridge, people often waited until the water level was low enough to descend and bypass the bottom.

The restored bridge will now allow visitors to participate in circular walks around the reservoir.

Work on the bridge began in March 2020 after Blackburn and Darwen Council appointed local contractor Sancus Civil Engineering to repair the bridge construction and the landslide.

But it comes amid concerns about the future of the lagoon itself with reports last week suggesting that the owners, the Horwich-based consortium, the Blue Lagoon Heritage Trust, were considering refilling the reservoir ahead of future redevelopments.

This was first discussed at a meeting of the Belmont Village Residents Association on September 14.

However, official plans have not yet been filed with the Environment Agency.

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