Urgent warning on the blue lagoon which looks like a “bath full of bleach”

Police have issued a warning to stay away from a blue lagoon that looks like a “bath full of bleach” and have pleaded with locals and day trippers to stay away.

The Blue Lagoon near Buxton is popular with day trippers.

The dangerous lagoon has triggered warnings this week – and it’s all due to its high alkaline pH levels that make it similar to swimming in a ‘bleach bath’.

Last year, reports circulated that people were flouting lockdowns and restrictions to enjoy a day trip to the Derbyshire Blue Lagoon.

A Derbyshire Police spokeswoman urged people to be cautious and think twice before surrendering.

Derbyshire Police urge people not to visit Buxton’s ‘Blue Lagoon’

The force said: “Officers did not receive any reports of anti-social behavior around the Harpur Hill quarry over the public holiday weekend, but continue to monitor the area and work with partner agencies to help maintain this over a long period.

“There are a number of disused quarries in Derbyshire and across the country.

“Many of them are on private land, so in addition to the risk of sanctions violations, people swimming in quarry waters put themselves in danger of cold water shock, injure themselves by objects hidden below the surface or other pollution-related health problems. “

In its warning, the East Midlands-based force then warns: “Please don’t put yourself in danger.”

Known as the Harpur Hill Quarry, the limestone quarry near Buxton has been described as “possibly the UK’s most dangerous water”.

But police urged people to stay away in a series of social media posts and statements this week.

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