The great Italian road-trip, two-week vacation in Italy

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There are few places to travel more sought after than Italy. With cities like Rome, Venice and Florence so rich in history, there is plenty to explore. It’s hard to choose just one destination on the Italian peninsula, so why not take a road trip.

This two-week road trip will take travelers from Rome northeast through Florence and Venice, then south along the east coast before turning back north towards Rome. This is an unmissable two-week road trip in Italy.


Day 1 – Rome

After landing in Rome, travelers must first acquire their rental, but after that, they absolutely must not explore Rome a little. The city is so full of historical and modern culture that there is a bit for everyone to discover in this city.

Il Goccetto

It’s hard to get tired of the delicious food served at II Goccetto. Well known for its wines and cuisine, it is a must visit place for travelers to Rome.

Day 2 – Orbetello and Porto Ercole

Located in the province of Grosseto, travelers can find both Orbetello and Porto Ercole. Orbetello is located just 35 kilometers south of Grosseto, on the eponymous lagoon. Porto Ercole is an important port city that travelers can also explore.

Day 3 and 4 – Florence

A bastion of art and culture, Florence is a top destination for many travelers to Italy. With so much for travelers to experience, spending two nights here is recommended. Whether travelers prefer to spend their time with food, art, or shopping, they’ll have plenty to do here.

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Trattoria Mario

This small restaurant in Florence offers its customers incredible and authentic Tuscan cuisine. Seating can be hard to come by here, so try to book ahead.

  • Address – Via Rosina 2r, 50123, Florence Italy
  • Contact – +39 055 218550
  • Cost -$$-$$$
  • must try – Tuscan Braised Roast
  • Menu

Day 5 – Bologna

Although it is located right in the middle of Florence and Venice, Bologna does not get the same recognition. Travelers will find that although it’s not on everyone’s must-see list, Bologna offers plenty to discover.

Mo Mortadella Lab

For incredible and quickly prepared meals, Mò Mortadella Lab is a great choice. His sandwiches are amazing and very reasonably priced.

  • Address – Via de’ Monari 1/C, 40121, Bologna Italy
  • Contact – +39 051 086 3992
  • Cost -$
  • must try – Mortadella sandwiches
  • Menu

Day 6 and 7 – Venice

Travelers are easily enchanted by the city of Venice, and it’s easy to see why. This city is magnificent in addition to its architecture and its canals; it has a great history and fabulous restaurants to discover.

The Glam Restaurant

This Michelin-starred restaurant offers a selection that shows a deep appreciation of local cuisine. Travelers should not miss an opportunity to dine here.

  • Address – Santa Croce 1961 Palazzo Venart, 30135 Venice Italy
  • Contact – +39 041 523 5676
  • Cost – $$$$
  • must try – Cuttlefish
  • Menu

Day 8 – Ravenna

This incredible city was once the capital of the Byzantine Empire in Italy. Much remains from this era, including incredible mosaics and Dante’s tomb.

Day 9 – Arcone

Arcona is found along the Italian Adriatic coast. It is known for its beaches and its Fontana de Calamo, a fountain with bronze masks of mythical figures. Travelers can take a moment and enjoy this beautiful beach town.

Day 10 – Pescara

Although full of concrete post-war architecture, Pescara is a working port. Travelers love to flock to its lively and prominent waterfront promenades and some of the longest urban beaches on the Adriatic.

Day 11 – Foggia and Parco Nazionale del Gargano

This city in southern Italy is nicknamed the “breadbasket of Italy”. Parco Nazionale is the beautiful coastal park located nearby. With the stunning separations between the mountains and the coast, it is an incredibly beautiful place to visit.

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Day 12 – Taranto

Between Mar Grande and Mar Piccolo lies the city of Taranto in southern Italy. Bridges connect the mainland to the old town, home to the 15th-century Aragonese Castle, the Spartan Museum of Taranto, and the baroque-fronted Basilica of San Cataldo.

Day 13 – Napoli

The largest city in southern Italy, Naples offers a heady mix of Old World charm and modern ruggedness. As one of the oldest cities in Italy, Naples is full of remnants of the past for travelers to discover. The town is also quite famous for its wood-fired pizza.

Trattoria Pizzeria La Lazzara

Travelers looking for real Neapolitan pizza should visit Trattoria Pizzeria La Lazzara. Their prices are reasonable and the quality is amazing.

  • Address – Piazza Francese 9/10, 80133, Naples Italy
  • Contact – +39 081 551 7854
  • Cost -$$-$$$
  • must try – Margherita al Salame
  • Menu

Day 14 – Return to Rome

Travelers will now take the road back to Rome. However, it’s not a very long drive, so travelers will still have plenty of time to enjoy Rome before it’s time to mark the end of this road trip.

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