Stourport Blue Lagoon in New West Mercia Police warning as heat wave intensifies

With temperatures set at 30 degrees during the heatwave, West Mercia police have issued new warnings not to swim in a beautiful but deadly Worcestershire lagoon.

Officers hope to deter desperate people from cooling off in hot weather at the disused Shavers End quarry near Stourport-on-Severn, known as The Blue Lagoon.

The beauty spot claimed the lives of several swimmers including Haider Ali, 17, of Bordesley Green, who drowned in the Blue Lagoon while swimming with friends in the old limestone quarry during a heat wave last August.

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Teenager Haider Ali, from Bordesley Green, who drowned at the Blue Lagoon near Stourport

In July 2019, Jayden Clarke, 18, of Worcester, died on the spot after hitting his head while swimming in the quarry with friends.

Water safety warnings come as teenagers were also seen swimming in other areas in the region, including Tardebigge Reservoir, near Bromsgrove, last night.

Last night Stourport cops tweeted a warning: “The ‘blue lagoon’ at Stourport. Not so much an exotic Caribbean retreat, but more of a cold, trash-filled quarry with cars at the bottom and caustic pools of 200. feet deep lime-filled for good measure. Needless to say swimming here is dangerous and completely unpredictable. Please don’t. “

A spokesperson for Water Safety from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) said: “We understand the temptation to want to swim in inland waters such as reservoirs, lakes and quarries, especially in bad weather. hot.

“Things to consider when swimming in indoor water are that even on a hot day, the water can be much colder or deeper than you expected, and there may be some underwater debris that you might expect. you can’t see from the shore.

“Think about how you are going to get out of the water before you get in and be honest about your ability to swim. “

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