Remove sunbeds and umbrellas from Blue Lagoon, calls for parliamentary petition

A parliamentary petition has been filed demanding the withdrawal of deckchairs and deckchairs from the Blue Lagoon in Comino.

As it stands, the iconic Blue Lagoon is daily filled to the brim with deckchairs and sunbeds, set up by the beach operators.

“This petition is vital to restore the beauty of Comino to its simplest form and not littered with umbrellas and deckchairs. This is public land and not commercial premises, ”said Veronica Marie Bartolo Parnis, who initiated the petition.

“Comino doesn’t need ‘plans’, you have to leave him alone. Using tourism as an excuse is pathetic because tourists would certainly prefer Comino to remain in its natural beauty compared to what it has become, and that God save us more plans for the future ”, she continued. .

About two weeks ago, a video went viral of a man who went to Blue Lagoon and wanted to put down his own towel rather than paying for a sunbed and umbrella, but found out it wasn’t. Not possible.

Employees were videotaped preventing swimmers from moving deckchairs and umbrellas, who had arrived at the beach early but were still being denied their own space.

Since the publication of the viral video, it has garnered more than four million views, most of them from the UK.

There has been a public outcry about it since that viral video, as more and more voiced their disappointment with Comino’s transformation and the way public lands are being occupied for private purposes.

The Maltese Tourism Minister recently spoke on the subject, saying that ‘Comino is not just the Blue Lagoon’, while also stating that they are working on a sustainable plan for the island.

The latest request in this petition concerns the removal of pre-installed sunbeds and umbrellas from Comino, stressing that Maltese citizens deserve better than this.

Signatures for the parliamentary petition will be accepted until November 13. The petition can be accessed via this link.

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