Remembering the Blue Lagoon at Severn Beach

With a further rise in temperatures, outdoor swimming pools are expected to become popular places to visit in the coming weeks.

Thornbury once had such an attraction on its doorstep, in the form of the Blue Lagoon at Severn Beach.

The area was a popular vacation destination in the 1920s and 1930s, known as Blackpool of the West.

The Blue Lagoon was built during this time and continued to draw large crowds until the 1960s.

Swimming was a popular sport during this time. The new Thornbury Swimming Club has placed an ad in the Gazette June 21, 1924 inviting applications for membership.

The Thornbury Grammar School held its annual swimming gala at the Blue Lagoon for a time, after the local baths in Thornbury fell into disrepair.

Students at Thornbury Grammar School at the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon was demolished in the 1980s, in part to improve defenses against the sea. But it will always be remembered by those who visited, including the Wurzels who mentioned it in their song Aloha, Severn Beach.

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Thanks to Thornbury Roots and Thornbury Roots and Thornbury and District Museum.

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