New amenities at Golda Harris Nature Reserve open to the public

BOISE, Idaho – Residents and visitors to Boise have another place to experience nature in the new Golda Harris Nature Reserve. City of Boise leaders and project partners gathered off E. Warm Springs Avenue today, October 28, 2020, to dedicate the riverside nature reserve and unveil new amenities.

The land for the three-acre reserve was donated by the Harris family and ceded to the city in 2016. Construction began in the summer of 2020 to add a bridge to the reserve, replacing a section of the greenbelt in the area and establish a new interior concrete path that leads to a gazebo.

Nature trails allow for additional exploration and seating is available throughout the reserve.

“What an incredible place to enjoy the beauty of Boise,” said Mayor McLean. “Visiting this place nestled beside the river reminds us how lucky we are to live in a place with such easy access to the outdoors – and a reminder of our continued commitment to creating spaces for people of all horizons and abilities to connect with nature. “

New interpretive signs have also been added to highlight the history of the lands and wildlife of Southeast Boise and along the Boise River Corridor. One of Thelma’s original works of art is also integrated into the signage.

“We are thrilled that people are discovering the improvements made to this area while enjoying its natural beauty,” said Doug Holloway, Director of Parks and Recreation at Boise. “Now more than ever, people need places to escape the stresses of everyday life and find peace in the great outdoors. It really is a gem in our Jewelry Ribbon.

The reserve is located north of the East Parkcenter Bridge and just south of Warm Springs Avenue. It is open from sunrise to sunset every day. Due to the sensitivity of the surrounding plants and wildlife, dogs are not allowed in the reserve.

Click here to consult the site master plan.

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