Local nature reserve plants trees better prepared for global warming

(WFRV) – Trees play a vital role in the ecosystem. They give us oxygen, support wildlife and promote good air quality.

Enter the Woodland Dunes Nature Center and Preserve in Two Rivers. They planted trees on their property that adapt better to a constantly changing climate thanks to their forest development project.

These new trees are important and many of them have been planted in recent years.

Jennifer Klein is the Land Management Coordinator for Woodland Dunes. She says, “We have planted 10,000 trees so far and they are all the tallest as you see here… over there the 5 gallon pots and the shrubs are maybe 3 feet and the trees. that we plant are 5 feet tall. “

Klein and the workers at Woodland Dunes have planted these 10,000 trees in the past 4 years on 10 acres of land. Many of these trees are native to Wisconsin, but they derive their tree stock further south.

“We get them from a nursery in Saint-Louis and we plant 36 different species of trees and shrubs. So we’re actually looking at a few things when we get them from further south. We are looking for trees that are genetically more adapted to a warmer climate. As climate change arrives and perhaps warms the region, these trees are already used to the warmer climate and could survive it. “

The new trees also provide additional benefits to the area. For example, the emerald ash borer is present on the property and kills ash trees. Thus, planting different species of trees helps native trees take over. Another of these additional benefits is wetland filtration.

“Another objective is the filtration of coastal wetlands; we want to keep the water that goes into our forest clean… keep it from flowing onto our roads and things like that… so when it goes back into lake michigan, we have clean water, ”Klein says.

While most of these trees are still small, trees like their silver maples grow rapidly to around 3 feet per year.

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