Golden Circle, Kerid and Blue Lagoon

The Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon are the must-see sites for any traveler visiting Iceland. By booking this tour, you can experience both in the same day in an enjoyable and relaxing way. The organized trip includes entry to the volcanic crater of Kerid and comfortable entrance tickets to the Blue Lagoon, so you are ready for your day of adventure.

The tour departs from Reykjavik and your first stop will be at Thingvellir National Park. It is one of Iceland’s treasures, both for its importance in Icelandic history and for its incredible beauty. Thingvellir is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and hosted the Icelandic Parliament from 930 to 1798. Among Thingvellir’s many attractions, the Eurasian and American tectonic plates meet and you can stand with one foot in each world !

The next stop on your schedule is a visit to the world famous Geysir hot spring site. Hot springs are an important part of Iceland’s nature and Geysir has become a symbol of them all over the world. Today its neighbor Strokkur takes center stage, erupting every few minutes and spouting hot water up to heights of 30 meters, creating a spectacular spectacle of nature. In the Geysir area, you can buy lunch or other food if you want.

Gullfoss, the golden waterfall, is the queen of Icelandic waterfalls. The incredible raw power and beauty will take your breath away as the water tumbles relentlessly for more than 30 meters through a rugged canyon.

Thingvellir, Gullfoss and Geysir form the traditional golden circle, but to add even more excitement to your visit you will also visit the volcanic crater of Kerid. The 55-meter-deep crater is over 3,000 years old and is a unique creation of Icelandic nature.

After enjoying the stunning natural sights, it’s time to head to the famous Blue Lagoon where you can relax in the natural warm water and enjoy the great facilities there. The Blue Lagoon is sold out most of the time well in advance, but since this tour includes Blue Lagoon Comfort entrance tickets, you can start expecting an amazing day in Iceland as soon as you complete your booking of the visit.

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