Council Strives to Minimize Any Tax Increases –

The municipality of Boissevain-Morton hopes to have a new budget finalized by the end of April.

Council leader Judy Swanson said the council is currently at the heart of the budget deliberation process. She says they strive to provide services while keeping taxes reasonable.

Swanson says the past two years and the pandemic have presented many challenges for councils as they try to come up with balanced budgets. “You see recreation as one thing and that’s huge because we still have to keep the buildings heated and we still have to have staff because you can’t start over with staff and there’s been no revenue for a while, so it was quite a hit.”

She says other levels of government have provided some level of support to help make up for the shortfall.

“It’s a shortfall and we will be pushing for more support. There are things like working with AMM on RCMP contracts that have just been signed and there are retrospectives to pay. We are working with the AMM to see if the federal government should take care of it We pay the expenses of the RCMP but the retro is enormous to catch up in one year.

Major projects for Boissevain-Morton in 2022 include a new swimming pool and possibly the start of construction on a new lagoon.

“The swimming pool is the big project this year and we hope the lagoon will be b. These are the big projects and we also have day-to-day things. We have reserves for the pool and, over the next two years , the pool will be repaid through the placement of a debenture. The lagoon, when it comes, there will be a debenture,” Judy Swanson said.

The Council is also working on issues such as rising fuel prices trying to achieve a balanced budget.

“Our expenses are around $8 million and we should have everything finalized in about a month.”

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