Blue Lagoon in Largs welcomes new ‘doorman’ as iconic tourist design leaves

A POPULAR chip shop in Largs is hoping for a busy summer season – with a little help from its new mascot.

Main Street’s Blue Lagoon has removed its famous monkey in a space suit that has stood outside the store for many years and replaced it with a six-foot-tall bigfoot, which is expected to wow tourists this summer.

Blue Lagoon director Gianluca Varese says he hopes it will be as big a hit as the space primate has been over the years.

He explained: “The monkey was a really big tourist attraction – so many people would stop and take selfies with it.

“The kids thought it was great fun and it added a bit of character to the area and was a talking point for the shop.

“This year we decided to do a bit of a swap with him by going to our store in Balloch, and bigfoot coming to Largs for the summer.

“It’s quite big and we hope it will become as big a tourist attraction as the latest mascot.”

Gianluca says the store thrived during the lockdown as people sought to take advantage of delivery options.

He said: “We were able to stay through most of the pandemic doing home deliveries and takeaways.

“We had just started making deliveries before the first lockdown, and their popularity has really increased.

“Fortunately, we picked up a lot of new customs and kept a lot of them, although people tend to come into the store for their meals.”

As well as sporting a new attraction on the outside, the Blue Lagoon also underwent an interior makeover last year.

Gianluca said: “We were looking to make the store trendier and more modern and we saw a lot of young people coming in afterwards.

“Things are starting to look up and we can see the city getting busier and busier which is great.

“The good weather has meant that the weekends have already been very busy, and many businesses in the city seem to be doing well.”

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