7 Most Extravagant Items to Buy at Neiman Marcus

What is luxury? It could be a spa weekend, a $20 cocktail, or even an hour of free time. It could also be a wearable item that costs tens of thousands of dollars.

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This is the price of certain jewelry and clothing from Neiman Marcus. If you are an ordinary person, you better turn away because these prices are not up to millions of dollars. But if you’re a billionaire, keep going; this is all just pocket change.

Founded in 1907, Neiman Marcus has established itself as the go-to store for some of the most expensive fashion fare in the world. Here you will find treasures of gold, diamonds and Christian Louboutin boots. And you don’t need to visit any of its 37 stores – you can just go online to the Neiman Marcus site and add treasures from the best of the best in diamonds, gold and fine fabrics.

Here’s a look at seven of the most extravagant items you can buy at Neiman Marcus this fall.

Christian Louboutin Izamayaz multicolor red sole platform ankle boots

Christian Louboutin is famous for its beautiful shoes and breathtaking prices. In its latest range, we have the Izamayaz multicolored red sole platform boots. Clad in velvety cotton and sporting a 5.25-inch platform heel, these boots were made for walking – or just looking at given their intricate design. These beauties will set you back $2,295.

Long faux fur coat by Saint Laurent

Want to wrap yourself in opulence this winter? Saint Laurent has you covered with its long faux fur coat. This cozy piece sports a shawl collar, double-breasted front, side patch pockets and is priced at $15,600.

Floral-embroidered cashmere coat by Valentino Garavani

Capes aren’t just for superheroes, they’re also for incredibly rich people who love the color purple and flowers. This flower-embroidered cashmere cape coat by Valentino Garavanichecks checks those boxes and sells for $23,000.

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Short dress with open back and short sleeves in flowers by Oscar de la Renta

Are you looking to be the dazzling belle of the ball during the fall harvest cocktail? Look no further. Oscar de la Renta has you covered (albeit slightly) with the Floral Short Sleeve Open Back Mini Dress. It only costs $14,990.

Emerald-Cut Lagoon Tourmaline Ring in Platinum with Baguette Diamonds by Oscar Heyman

Give your hand a radiant blue glow with the Emerald Cut Lagoon Tourmaline Ring in Platinum with Baguette Diamonds designed by Oscar Heyman. There’s presumably only one of these rare gems on the market and it’s a size 6.5 – and $34,000.

Serpenti watch in yellow gold and diamonds 2-Twirl by Bulgari

Italian luxury fashion house Bulgari is known for producing the highest quality jewelry. The Serpenti Yellow Gold Diamond 2-Twirl watch is set in 18k yellow gold with diamonds and wraps around and along the wrist like a snake. It costs $45,500.

Meister brooch in 18 carat white gold

Who doesn’t need a $69,000 brooch? This is the price of the Meister 18k White Gold Spray Pin. Adorned with diamonds, this one-of-a-kind piece was made in 1965. Let’s hope that its safety pin closure is tight!

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