10 reasons to visit the Blue Lagoon (you hadn’t thought of it)

Whether travelers embark on the popular Golden Circle tour or visit Iceland on a quick layover, the Blue Lagoon remains one of Iceland’s most popular attractions. The milky blue waters of the Blue Lagoon are unique and offer skin benefits and be a way to relax tired bones. Although some tourists are adamant about visiting the Blue Lagoon due to the massive crowds, there are several compelling reasons why this attraction is still worth a visit!

ten You can enjoy the lagoon in complete privacy

The Blue Lagoon can get quite crowded in the afternoons and on weekends. However, for a more private experience, why not book a few nights at Lagoon’s Retreat Hotel? This award-winning hotel includes its Deluxe Lagoon Suite, which has its own private lagoon! Guests who stay in the suite need not worry about long lines or bumping shoulders with a stranger as they have a small lagoon to themselves.

9 To try traditional Icelandic cuisine

The Blue Lagoon is the highlight for many visitors, but world-class restaurants are also found on the property. In addition to their fast counter service, Blue Lagoon has three well-received restaurants. Discover the spectacular volcanic architecture of the Lava Restaurant, try the Michelin-starred cuisine of the Moss Restaurant or indulge yourself in the Spa Restaurant. Wherever customers decide to eat, they can enjoy traditional cuisine in these restaurants, prepared with local ingredients.

8 To meditate with floating therapy

Flotation therapy isn’t just about floating like a starfish in mineral-rich waters. Travelers can engage in a solo (or group) floating therapy session in the waters of Blue Lagoon, led by an experienced bodyworker. Feel the cares of life drift away while enjoying the warmth of the milky blue waters!

seven Travelers can see everything Iceland has to offer!

There is more to Iceland than the Blue Lagoon, and guests who book their stay there can also experience the beauty of Iceland! The spa offers tourist packages of various experiences, such as private tours to Reykjanes, Geysir geothermal area, Seljalandsfoss and other natural landscapes. You can also book many activities, from exploring a lava tube to driving a helicopter for a panoramic view of Iceland!

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6 To receive a world-class spa treatment

Many travelers are told to visit Blue Lagoon for a quick dip; However, this world famous attraction also offers relaxing spa treatments! Enjoy the warm waters of the lagoon in complete privacy while enjoying a relaxing massage. You can also visit the Retreat Spa for a day and enjoy a private treatment to relieve stress or get a rejuvenating facial,

5 Dinner at the highest point of the Blue Lagoon

Travelers can take their taste buds on a tour of Iceland while enjoying the magnificent views of the Blue Lagoon at Moss Restaurant. This Michelin-starred restaurant offers diners an exquisite experience, showcasing the delights of Icelandic cuisine in a contemporary way. Enjoy a multi-course meal (with vegan options included) and sip cocktails while taking in views of the spa, which is the tallest of all Blue Lagoon restaurants.

4 Hike through the volcanic landscape

Relaxing isn’t the only thing guests can do at the Blue Lagoon! The spa is in a UNESCO Global Geopark, with countless miles of volcanic terrain. Take a walk along the Blue Lagoon Walk, which is about 1.6 km long and only takes 30 minutes. Alternatively, hiking enthusiasts can buckle up and tackle the Thorbjörn hike, taking hikers around endless bends to the top of a 24,000 year old volcano!

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3 Be at peace in Retreat Lagoon

Truth be told, when visiting the Blue Lagoon during peak times or seasons (i.e. summer months), travelers should expect large crowds. Although Blue Lagoon offers enough space to accommodate many tourists, guests looking for a quieter experience may choose to visit the property’s Retreat Lagoon instead. Offering the same soothing waters as the Blue Lagoon, the Retreat Lagoon is sandwiched between volcanic rocks and high cliffs, offering some privacy in a communal pool.

2 The waters are “magical”

For decades, the milky waters of the Blue Lagoon have been known to possess properties that alleviate skin conditions, particularly psoriasis. In the 1990s, scientific research was devoted to the properties of the Blue Lagoon regarding its benefits for human skin. Visitors who stop by the Blue Lagoon can also purchase luxury skin care products that have been sworn to work wonders.

1 To see the Northern Lights!

There are plenty of places in Iceland to see the Northern Lights, and travelers just need to be in the right place at the right time! Although tourists can take tours in Iceland to catch Northern Lights in the dark of night, guests staying at the Blue Lagoon don’t have to worry about booking tours. Instead, when the weather conditions are right, the dazzling display of dancing lights can be seen while enjoying a relaxing swim at the Blue Lagoon!

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