Times Beach Nature Preserve closed due to wind damage

The December 11 windstorm is still causing problems as the Times Beach Nature Preserve is closed due to wind damage.

FEMA has approved two projects that will help with debris removal and replace the preserve’s destroyed boardwalk.

“The Times Beach Nature Preserve is a beautiful but fragile ecosystem and is very vulnerable to the weather, due to its location. The site has been battered over the past few years by wind and waves whenever we have extreme weather conditions and has been partially or completely closed at various times during that time,” said the parks commissioner, to Recreation and Forestry Troy P. Schinzel. “For safety reasons, we will now be closing Times Beach until further notice. In the spring, our department plans to work with Friends of Times Beach to explore cleanups that may result in some Times Beach trails reopening to the public. I also want to thank Senator Ryan of the NYS for helping secure this funding, which will be critical to protecting Times Beach in the future.

And money from a $500,000 grant from 2018 will now be applied to a study on coastal resilience. Erie County says this will help the site better prepare for future damage.

“In 2018, we secured $500,000 in DASNY funding to pay for much-needed capital improvement projects at Times Beach Nature Preserve. After a series of destructive storms necessitated its closure, the site’s priorities changed dramatically,” said New York State Senator Sean Ryan. “As we work to ensure Times Beach can reopen safely, using DASNY money to fund a coastal resilience study will help protect it from damage of this magnitude in the future.”

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