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Going to the outdoor rink was a gamble for the Jordanians: if the ice wasn’t cracked, then it usually melted. Regardless, local residents haven’t been able to spend much time on the ice rink near the Mini-Met baseball field over the past two years due to a mixture of sun exposure and weather. dry air in winter.

However, after cooler temperatures finally set in in January, local ice skaters have found a new hangout: Lagoon Park. Lagoon Park’s new ice rink has been a hit since it opened earlier this month. Take-out hockey games carve the rink at night, while quiet family sessions populate the ice on sunny weekends.

“It has been used very well,” said city planner Lucinda Meyers. “Hockey games take place almost every night. “

The level of attention the rink has achieved so far shows just how important the need for a quality outdoor rink is in the Jordanian community – this is Minnesota, after all.

The ice rink, which was built in November and approved by city council in August, was made possible by a grant from longtime resident and local sports enthusiast Juvinus “Jiv” Pauly. Under the terms of the grant, the money could only be used for projects in Lagoon Park.

Discussions about building a new rink arose as the city discussed repairs to the Mini-Met rink, which had been a concern for several years as the boards needed to be replaced and the public works department struggled to maintain ice on the south side of the rink due to sun exposure.

In 2016, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board wrote a report outlining the city’s parks priorities, in which they highlighted the need to replace the planks lining the rink – a project estimated to cost $ 100,000. In 2017, Director of Public Works Scott Haas recommended the construction of an outdoor shelter around the hockey rink to protect the ice from the sun and extend the use of the rink until the end of the season. ‘winter. Initial estimates, however, totaled this proposal at over $ 300,000.

It was later suggested that an open space in Lagoon Park, which was traditionally used as a T-ball court in the summer, might be the perfect location for a winter ice rink. The location of Lagoon Park would also alleviate the biggest problem with the previous rink – shade from nearby trees would help maintain the ice and extend the skating season.

The city council authorized construction at Lagoon Park in August. The total cost of the project was $ 81,000 and was fully covered by Pauly’s grant. By Christmas, construction was finished.

“The installation of the panels and lighting went smoothly. The only difficulty is trying to collaborate with Mother Nature in the ice making process, ”Meyers said.

Once the traditional winter weather arrived in mid-January, the skating was smooth. For the remainder of the season, the CERC and the city plan to host a Late Skate event on March 1, where there will be food, music and skating from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. . Meyers said that next summer, things will go back to how they always were.

“The rink will be dismantled by public works in early spring and the turf will be prepared or restored for T-ball and field sports in late spring or early summer,” Meyers said.

That said, skaters who haven’t made it to Lagoon Park yet should put on their skates and enjoy the cool ice soon, as all the shade in the world won’t be able to make up for the rising spring temperatures that are just around the corner. Street.

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