Photos / Results: Lagoon Park Mountain Bike Race

December 29, 2014

The 2014/2015 Flying Colors Mountain Bike Race Season Series continued on Sunday [Dec 29] with 101 runners on the course around Lagoon Park.

Robin Horsefield won the men’s A race with a time of 50: 02.404, completing 9 laps, Horsefield was pushed to the end, edging Matthew Oliveira in second, Oliveira clocking 50: 02.821 and Mark Hatherley finished third with a time of 52: 05.218.

The men’s B division race had another close end as Dylan Hill defeated Andrew Hern. Hill was clocked in 40: 56.222, Hern was second with a recorded time of 40: 58.362 and Jenai Robinson was third with a time of 41: 05.944. Ali Watlington took the victory in the women’s B division with a time of 46:39 after 7 laps, Ashley Kirkpatrick finishing second in 45: 55.900 after completing 6 laps.

In the veteran men’s race, Dexter Swan clocked a winning time of 41:08, Gary Raynor finished second with a time of 43:15, both riders completed 7 laps, while Anthony Spence finished third with a time of of 43:16 by completing 6 laps. Karen Smith was the only veteran women’s division competitor to record a time of 41:18.

In the men’s novice race, Gabriel Wilkinson crossed the finish line first with a time of 33:16, Tim Miller was second in 35:52 and Shane Mora was third with a time of 36:56.

Joanne Medeiros won the novice women’s race with a time of 36:04, Kim Raymond finished second with a time of 38:29, both riders completed 4 laps, while Kelley Baxter-Williams finished third with a time of 33:17. .

The 13-15 year old junior boys winner was Sam Walsh with a time of 32:13, Conor White was second in 32: 14.063 and Jordan Dowling was third with a time of 32: 14.423. Full results are here [PDF].

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