Demonstration to reclaim Blue Lagoon announced for August 13

The pressure group and activist Moviment Graffitti has just announced a public demonstration to recover the Blue Lagoon of Comino.

The event is due to take place on Saturday August 13, where the public is invited to enjoy a day at the Blue Lagoon, sheltered from the deckchairs and umbrellas that plague the area.

“We will not accept a situation where a few people with money and political influence grab what rightfully belongs to the people. We will also not accept that these companies continue to destroy a nature reserve for their private profits,” Moviment Graffitti said in a statement.

Moviment Graffitti pointed out that the reason for the dire situation at Blue Lagoon is the intensive commercial interests that have invaded the beach.

This does not only refer to the copious amount of deckchairs and parasols that take up all possible space, but it also indicates the large boats that bring in thousands of tourists a week.

“Also, on a more recent visit to Comino, we found that only a few sun loungers on the small sandy part of the beach had been removed, while the rest of the area – on the dock, walkway and other small beach – was still covered with empty sunbeds and umbrellas since early morning.”

Those interested in joining the event must reserve their place on the boat via this registration form.

The boats will leave for the Blue Lagoon from Ċirkewwa or Mġarr at 8:00 am. There will also be several round trips starting at noon.

The following demands will be reiterated during the demonstration:

1. Deckchairs and parasols are only installed at the request of a person physically present on site, and AT NO TIME should they occupy more than 30% of the total surface of the Blue Lagoon

2. Large boats disembarking hundreds of tourists at a time should be banned from Comino

3. There should be a limit of two small kiosks, without music, in the Blue Lagoon

4. There should be restrictions on the type and amount of waste generated, and this should be collected daily in the evening to avoid feeding rats, which cause great damage to the natural environment

Just a few weeks ago activists went to the Blue Lagoon and physically removed the deckchairs in strong protest. Since then, little has been done to remedy the situation.

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