Cops warn of a dangerous blue lagoon that looks like swimming in a ‘bleach bath’

POLICE are warning Britons to stay away from a dangerous blue lagoon that feels like swimming in a ‘bleach bath’.

The deceptive lime quarry in the Harpur Hill area of ​​the Peak District looks like a tropical paradise.


Swimmers in the old quarry which is highly toxic and contains dangerous obstacles below the surface.Credit: BPM
The water is like


Water is like “swimming in bleach”Credit: BPM

However, according to experts, it is “probably the most dangerous water in the UK” and is so toxic it can burn skin.

Experts believe it is “probably the most dangerous water in the UK” due to its high alkaline pH, similar to that of bleach.

Now, due to the hot weather, Derbyshire Police have issued a further warning to holidaymakers who may be tempted to swim.

Cops issued a similar appeal last year after around 2,000 people drove to the area to soak up the sun.

Last year, cops dyed the water black to stop swimmers


Last year, cops dyed the water black to stop swimmersCredit: Bav Media

And the police even had to dye the water black to deter tourists from entering the water.

A sign next to the pool warns that the toxic water could cause “skin and eye irritation, stomach problems and fungal infections like thrush”.

And another points out that the lagoon has been used as a dump in the past.

The beautiful body of water is actually home to car wrecks, trash, feces, and dead animals.

The force released a statement today which read: ‘There are a number of disused quarries in Derbyshire and across the country,’ the force said.

“Many of them are on private land, so in addition to the risk of penalties for trespassing, people swimming in quarry waters are exposing themselves to cold water shock, injuring themselves from objects hidden under the surface or other pollution-related health problems.

“Please don’t put yourself in danger. »

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