Bystander rescues teenage boy swimming in Blue Lagoon Belmont Reservoir

A teenager was taken to hospital from a popular beauty spot today after being rescued by a brave member of the public after getting into trouble in the water.

The teenager had gone swimming in the Blue Lagoon – officially known as Ward’s Reservoir – off Stone Bank Road near Belmont earlier today to ‘cool off’ but ended up struggling.

Police say a member of the public jumped in for their safety and pulled the teenager out of the water before calling emergency services.

They were taken to hospital for treatment and are now recovering, however, police are now insisting on the dangers of swimming in tanks like this.

Blackburn with Darwen Police said: “Police attended the ‘Blue Lagoon’ off Stones Bank Road Darwen today after reports a young teenager was swimming in an attempt to cool off.

“Unfortunately he got into trouble and a worried member if the public very bravely pulled him from the water to safety and called the police and ambulance for help.

“While this is commendable, I urge everyone not to swim in these areas as it is unsafe.

“We understand the weather was nice and you want to enjoy the scenery, but please use common sense and don’t drink or swim in these areas, next time it may not be not such a good result.The young man was taken to hospital where he was treated and recovering.

“Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay safe.”

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