Alberta’s Blue Lagoon? Nordik Spa arrives in the Foothills

If there is no volcanic rock ready to heat healing pools, Nordik Group owner Martin Paquette says why not build it?

A 10-acre thermal cycle spa arrives at Harmony, a community west of Calgary, right next to Springbank Airport. And, it will use an existing artificial lake as part of the spa.

“I have traveled all over the world to see things that are impossible to duplicate,” Paquette said. “To shape a lake around our infrastructure so that the spa experience is optimized? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so we couldn’t say no to it. ”

The vision includes maximizing and sculpting water features to complement the natural environment of the Rockies – to showcase the sunset and the prairie horizon.

Nordik’s flagship spa is located in Chelsea, Quebec, just outside of Ottawa, and this spa welcomes more than 200,000 visitors per year. Paquette said that with their market research, he expects Alberta to be a bigger market, but estimates the same volume for the Springbank spa startup.

Paquette said that being the company’s fourth spa, it will build on all learnings and missed opportunities for a unique and enhanced experience.

A “good news” economics story

Bordeaux Developments CEO Birol Fisekci said the goal has always been to create a village unlike any other living experience in Canada. And, this spa will be a tourist destination, another reason for travelers to choose Alberta for their trips.

“You know, trust builds slowly over time… we really need good news, and when we hear good news, we have to celebrate it,” Fisekci said.

The installation will be an anchor point for a commercial village in the heart of Harmonie. The spa itself will employ more than 400 people with a $ 45 million capital investment in the Rockyview County Municipal District.

The spa is slated to open in 2022.

In the photo, a map of the Village Harmonie indicating where the Spa Groupe Nordik is planned. (Harmony and Nordik Group)

And 4,000 daily visitors are expected to pass through the community.

“Although the numbers seem big, they spread over the whole day,” said Fisekci. “The residents of the community will not feel this kind of traffic in the morning and evening, but rather a trickle of traffic that continues throughout the day. “

The spa will compete with the neighboring Kananaskis Nordic Spa. But Paquette said the two companies believe the market is large enough for both facilities.

“It will be slightly bigger and probably provide a different experience,” Paquette said. “But at the end of the day, we both have a similar goal of bringing well-being and well-being to people.”

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