Graffitti writes to five ministers asking them to tackle the Blue Lagoon “theft”

Moviment Graffitti has written a letter to five ministers, demanding that they tackle the “theft” of Comino’s Blue Lagoon.

The letter was sent to Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo, Environment, Energy and Business Minister Miriam Dalli, Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri, Public Works and Planning Minister Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi and Economy Minister , European funds and Silvio Schembri land.

In the letter, Moviment Graffitti draws attention to the ecological disaster currently unfolding on Comino, a repeat of the disasters of previous years, especially during the summer season.

This ruinous state of affairs has destroyed the unique, precious and fragile natural state of the Natura 2000 site of Cominol, the group said.

In this regard, Moviment Graffitti has made six urgent demands:

1. Sunbeds and umbrellas should only be hired at the request of those physically present on the beach and should never occupy more than a stipulated percentage of the beach to ensure that access to and enjoyment of the bay and the foreshore are not disturbed by the public, in accordance with the law on the public domain. This number should be part of a policy document for Comino as recommended by ERA’s Comino Management Plan (2019).

2. The number of kiosks around the beach should be much more limited to avoid congestion and over-commercialization of the area and should be part of a policy document for Comino, also in accordance with the recommendations of the Comino management plan. There is an urgent need to ensure that kiosks sell drinks made from biodegradable material and that straws are also biodegradable.

3. All commercial activity around Blue Lagoon must operate on the basis of permits issued by the government which cover a financial contribution for the maintenance of the bay. Commercial operators who do not comply with the established rules should have their licenses revoked.

4. The government must take urgent action to ensure proper maintenance and patrolling of Comino Island, including, but not limited to, distributing waste bins to appropriate areas and ensuring rangers have the power to apply the rules in place.

5. Urgently abolish music from noisy gazebos, boats and generators.

6. Urgently initiate work on a policy document for Comino that includes carrying capacity as recommended in the Comino management plan. This policy should prohibit large ferries (such as catamarans) from entering the Blue Lagoon and limit the number of ferries that can enter the bay daily.

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