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November 08, 2022

Gifts for the Gardener

By Lori Draz with Rachel Weston of the Shrewsbury Garden Club

America’s pandemic-inspired return to the garden has really taken hold. The number of gardeners is constantly growing and there are more and more hobbyists who would like something garden-themed in their stockings. The Journal has obtained expert advice from Rachel Weston, co-president of the Shrewsbury Garden Club. Weston is an avid gardener herself, so we can be sure she has great suggestions for all levels and types of gardeners.

For the flower arranger

Here’s a most unique gift that keeps on giving and giving: share a season of fresh, locally grown flowers with a CSA Spring Blooms 2023 from Little Blooms of Joy by Andreea, located at 733 River Rd. in Fair Haven. Here’s how it works: Once the spring flowers begin to bloom in April, your gift recipient will receive five weekly bouquets of spring flowers that can include a variety of daffodils, tulips, lilacs, apple trees and other unique blooms, all for just $105. The flowers are grown locally and vary weekly. You pick them up at Canyon Pass Provisions, 733 River Rd. in Fair Haven. Order online at

Rachel also suggests the collection of reactive glaze ocean ceramic vases at West Elm at Red Bank for those who love flowers and the ocean. These earthenware, bright blue, elegant and vibrant vessels are all one of a kind due to the glaze process used. Choose from buds, small, medium or large vases priced from $28 to $104. Visit their store or online at

For the book lover

Pick this for people who often come home with a curious acorn or pod in their pocket – “Flower Power: Turning Pieces of Mother Nature into Transformative Works of Art” by Vicki Rawlins, $25. Using forage materials such as leaves, twigs and flowers, Rawlins creates whimsical scenes and stunning portraits of women and woodland animals with his gathered materials and simple tools like tweezers and scissors. After photographing the ephemeral floral art, the materials are returned to nature. The book, art prints and a 2023 calendar of Rawlins creations are available at

For the gardener on the go

Most gardeners can’t resist coming over to help a friend with a project or find themselves wanting to cut or prune while on the go. Give them a to-go tool bag with plenty of pockets to store pruners, a trowel, string, seed packets and other essentials so they’re ready. Martha Stewart’s Heavy-Duty Canvas Garden Bag with 6-inch outer packs and 11-inch inner packs is the perfect bag for carrying tools, and it’s only $28 on Amazon.

For seed starter

For classic beauty, the Hudson Valley Seed Company grows heirloom and open-pollinated seeds and packages them in brilliant contemporary art packaging. Choose from sachets of flowers, herbs and vegetables to slip into a stocking, or opt for the Cut Flower Garden Gift Set or the Pollinator Flower Gift Set. Both include five packets of seeds to grow armfuls of flowers. It’s only $24.95 at

For the smart gardener

Oh those aching backs and knees. Getting up from weeding to your knees can be a struggle. Weston suggests working smarter, not harder. Try a classic tool, a 54-inch Craftsman wood-handled hoe, also known as a stirrup or stirrup hoe. The looped steel blade can be used to push and pull while dealing with pesky weeds in garden beds. It’s $27.98 at Lowes in Holmdel or

For sun lovers

Gardeners love spending hours tending to their plots. Help them avoid a sunburn while looking so stylish in a Gigi Pip Isla Wide Brim Straw Sun Hat. This accessory costs $96, available at Faherty in The Grove, Shrewsbury or

For the Tree Hugger

Let her love of native oak trees shine with an 18k gold-plated brass oak leaf necklace from Janet Maven. Many of Mavec’s designs are inspired by the NJ farmhouse where she lives. $140.

For the vegetable grower

If they’re growing tons of heirloom tomatoes and wheelbarrows full of zucchini, your favorite gardener needs a clever way to harvest their crops. The Roo apron is a sturdy one-size-fits-all garment with generous pockets. It is also machine washable! Choose from fun colors like Orchid Violet and Blue Lagoon or more demure Leaf Green and Taupe Grey. Each is $38.95 at

For the weed warrior

Roots, small branches and weeds can be difficult to control. The Hokuru Hori Hori knife is up to any job – weeding, breaking plant roots before transplanting, harvesting, pruning, cutting wrappers and twine. The rustproof blade is smooth on one side and serrated on the other. Printed in inches, it’s also handy to help with planting at the correct depth. It stores easily in the included beautiful leather case and is only $28 on Amazon.

For the well-accessorized gardener

For someone who likes to adorn themselves with flowers, the Reef Pink Hand Painted Earrings, $78, come in 13 saturated shades. Find them at Anthropologie in The Grove, Shrewsbury or

The Shrewsbury Garden Club is a welcoming group of experienced gardeners who offer all sorts of great programs, and membership is open to anyone for $35 a year. To learn more, visit or email [email protected]

Join them or find your city’s gardening club and give your green thumb a gift!

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