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Every time we have more technological devices in our home: a Smart TV, tablets, smartphones and computers … even photography cameras. They all connect to the Internet but did you know that they can also connect with each other?

We live connected to the outside, to what happens beyond our walls. However, we can also establish links between the gadgets we have at home. More than ever, our home is connected . Do not you know how it works? In Technology from you to you we give you a few keys today.


The home connected with cables

One of the most useful solutions, and that all the little hands of the household know, are the cables. It seems obvious but thanks to the connectors of our devices we can share content and that a small screen suddenly appears in a large one without major problem.

In addition, its configuration is the simplest because we only need the correct cable . In this case, we have the HDMI or MHL , if we have an Android smartphone or tablet. What devices can we connect with each other? For example a mobile or a tablet with a television.

It also serves to connect a computer to TV. The function? Share the screen so that what we see as something small is now bigger. Thus, we can enjoy a game to Angry Birds or simply a video in high definition without having a Blu-Ray player.

Easy to use, the only limitation of using a cable is the physical space established by the length of this. Also, when it comes to offering different functions is a bit more limited: we can only share the screen (which is not little) but we can not transfer, for example, files.

The home connected without cables


For years, we have relied on cables to establish connections between different devices. For many, our first experience with only the air in between were the already famous remote controls. Now, thanks to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connection everything is much easier.

In this way, a range of possibilities opens up that allows us to do many things. From sharing the screen, as we saw before with the HDMI, to more concrete options like sending files from one side to the other. If we want to connect, for example, a smartphone or a tablet to the TV we have the DLNA as a solution.

This protocol allows us to share content between devices that are under the same local WiFi connection. If we have a computer, we can do the same but instead of DLNA, it is possible by WiDi , which we already talked to you a few days ago.

We also have the NFC, or what is the same: the possibility of connecting two devices just by touching them . Here there are many possibilities, but one of the most used today are mobile phones. With just touching the back covers we can send photos, music … Any type of file.

With what devices can I create a connected home?

Samsung Galaxy Camera

It is difficult to make a list with all the devices that we can connect with these routes that we explain today in the blog. There are many and the easiest way to see if they are compatible, or not, is to review the list of technical specifications of each product.

Our recommendations? If we want a TV that allows us to connect like this, with cables and without them, we have the LG Smart TVs . Many models to choose from and with a range of prices for all audiences. For those looking for a tablet, we have the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 , which we can also use as a remote control.

In smartphones, we have a very long list of devices with NFC and HDMI but we recommend one of the most recent models: BlackBerry Z10 , which we also analyzed recently in the technology blog of you to you. Finally, if you are looking for something different, take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Camera , which allows you to share images and videos without the need of a cable.